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ASP.NET (C#) Question

Best way to check if a drop down list contains a value?

When the user navigates to a new page, this ddl's selected index is determined by a cookie, but if the ddl doesn't contain that cookie's value, then I'd like it to be set the 0. What method would I use for the ddl? Is a loop the best way, or is there a simply if statement I can perform?

This is what I've attempted, but it doesn't return a bool.

if ( !ddlCustomerNumber.Items.FindByText( GetCustomerNumberCookie().ToString() ) )
ddlCustomerNumber.SelectedIndex = 0;

Answer Source

There are two methods that come to mind:

You could use Contains like so:

if (ddlCustomerNumber.Items.Contains(new 
    // ... code here

or modifying your current strategy:

if (ddlCustomerNumber.Items.FindByText(
    GetCustomerNumberCookie().ToString()) != null)
    // ... code here

EDIT: There's also a DropDownList.Items.FindByValue that works the same way as FindByText, except it searches based on values instead.

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