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how to access session variables from express and nodes js in function.js

I am able to set and access session variables, like req.session.t1, etc. and all works fine on server side. On client side I have jquery installed on the front end and accessed by jade template.

I have in functions.js:


var t1 = req.session.t1;



So as page/jade template loads, jquery does append the the data as outlined IF I use constants or a string, but session variables are undefined if I use req.session.x or session.x.

So question is, how would I best be able to manipulate via jQuery, session variables? Or do I need to save to DB and pull it up each time? I'm newbie and not sure how to do this in node js and express and jquery.

Ven Ven
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Node.js/express run on the server.

jQuery runs on the client.

The only thing that's shared is whatever you've sent to the client.

If you want a variable to be accessible client-side, you need to send it in the response.

If you're giving the server JSON back, just add a field.

res.send({t1: req.session.t1}); // (node.js side)

If you're outputting a template, you can write it in a HTML tag, or directly in a script tag.

Jade example:

script. // .jade file
  var t1 = "#{t1}"

And in the server:

res.render('template.jade', {t1: req.session.t1});
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