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C# connecting to an already paired device using 32feet.NET

I am trying to connect to a Blood Pressure Machine via bluetooth. The device is already paired with my laptop. When I use nuget pacage inTheNet. I am able to get a list of devices near by, but am unable to get the device that is already paired

string macAddress = FindMACAddress();
_blueToothEndPoint = new BluetoothEndPoint(BluetoothAddress.Parse(macAddress), BluetoothService.BluetoothBase);
_blueToothClient = new BluetoothClient(_blueToothEndPoint);
BluetoothDeviceInfo[] devices = _blueToothClient.DiscoverDevices();
foreach (BluetoothDeviceInfo device in devices)

Answer Source

This seems to work with the device.Remembered property.

BluetoothDeviceInfo[] devices;

foreach (var device in devices)

if (device.Remembered == true) return "Already Paired";
else return "Not Paired";


Hope this helps!


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