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Android: Coloring part of a string using TextView.setText()?

I am looking to change the text of a TextView view via the .setText("") method while also coloring a part of the text (or making it bold, italic, transparent, etc.)and not the rest. For example:

title.setText("Your big island <b>ADVENTURE!</b>";

I know the above code is incorrect but it helps illustrate what I would like to achieve. How would I do this?

Answer Source

Use spans.


final SpannableStringBuilder sb = new SpannableStringBuilder("your text here");

// Span to set text color to some RGB value
final ForegroundColorSpan fcs = new ForegroundColorSpan(Color.rgb(158, 158, 158)); 

// Span to make text bold
final StyleSpan bss = new StyleSpan(android.graphics.Typeface.BOLD); 

// Set the text color for first 4 characters
sb.setSpan(fcs, 0, 4, Spannable.SPAN_INCLUSIVE_INCLUSIVE); 

// make them also bold
sb.setSpan(bss, 0, 4, Spannable.SPAN_INCLUSIVE_INCLUSIVE); 

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