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treeassist config

Custom Drops:
  APPLE: 0.1
Sapling Replant:
  Tree Types to Replant:
    BigSpruce: true
    Birch: true
    Jungle: true
    BigJungle: true
    Oak: true
    Spruce: true
    Brown Shroom: true
    Red Shroom: true
    Acacia: true
    Dark Oak: true
  Command Time Delay (Seconds): 30
  Bottom Block has to be Broken First: true
  Time to Protect Sapling (Seconds): 0
  Time to Block Sapling Growth (Seconds): 0
  Replant When Tree Burns Down: true
  Block all breaking of Saplings: true
  Delay until Sapling is replanted (seconds) (minimum 1 second): 1
  Enforce: false
  Apply Full Tool Damage: true
  Auto Plant Dropped Saplings: false
  Automatic Tree Destruction: false
  Destroy Only Blocks Above: false
  Force Break Default Radius: 10
  Force Grow Default Radius: 10
  Force Break Max Radius: 30
  Force Grow Max Radius: 30
  Ignore User Placed Blocks: false
  Initial Delay: false
  Language: en
  Sapling Replant: true
  Toggle Default: true
  Use mcMMO if Available: true
  Use Permissions: false
Automatic Tree Destruction:
  Required Lore: ''
  When Sneaking: true
  Forced Removal: false
  Remove Leaves: true
  Initial Delay (seconds): 10
  Delay (ticks): 0
  Tree Types:
    Birch: true
    Jungle: true
    BigJungle: true
    BigSpruce: true
    Oak: true
    Spruce: true
    Brown Shroom: true
    Red Shroom: true
    Acacia: true
    Dark Oak: true
  Cooldown (seconds): 0
Auto Plant Dropped Saplings:
  Chance (percent): 10
  Delay (seconds): 5
Leaf Decay:
  Fast Leaf Decay: true
  Sapling Replant Require Tools: true
  Tree Destruction Require Tools: true
  Tools List:
  Drop Chance:
    DIAMOND_AXE: 100
    WOOD_AXE: 100
    GOLD_AXE: 100
    IRON_AXE: 100
    STONE_AXE: 100
  Enable Per World: true
  Enabled Worlds:
  - Prison_Main
Placed Blocks:
  Handler Plugin Name: TreeAssist
  Disable Durability Fix: false
  Custom Logs:
  - -1
  Custom Tree Blocks:
  - -1
  Custom Saplings:
  - -1
Debug: none
Config Help:
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