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How to pass paramaters to a build in Sublime Text 3?

I'm currently making a program (which requires some arguments) that runs on the terminal.

Now I would like to run this same program from Sublime Text, but I don't know how to pass parameters to the build before executing the program in Sublime Text.

Is there any option that I need to enable to specify the arguments?

Using Sublime Text 3 build 3035

Answer Source

You can create a new build system for sublime text and run your script with fixed arguments.

Create a new File in your Packages/User directory (CTRL-SHIFT-P --> "Browse Packages")

New File: Packages/User/my_build.sublime-build

with the following content:

   "cmd": ["python", "$file", "arg1", "arg2"]

(replace arg1,arg2 by your arguments - you can delete them or add more if you want)

Now restart sublime text and select your build system in the Menu: Tools --> Build System --> my_build. From now on, when you press CTRL-B your build system will be executed.

Don't forget to change it back to "Automatic" if you are working on other files or projects.

There are many options you can set in build files. Please refer to http://docs.sublimetext.info/en/latest/reference/build_systems.html

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