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Python Question

C# - Using method from a Python file

I have two files, a regular python (.py) file and a visual studio C# file (.cs). I want to use a function in the python file which returns a string and use that string in the C# file.


#This is the Python file!
def pythonString():
return "Some String"


//This is the C# file!
namespace VideoLearning
string whatever = pythonString(); // This is from the Python file.

How can I sort of link these two files together? Thanks.

Answer Source

Check out IronPython! :)

Good declaration: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/charlie/2009/10/25/running-ironpython-scripts-from-a-c-4-0-program/

Hope this helps, it's pretty ez ;)

var ipy = Python.CreateRuntime();
dynamic test = ipy.UseFile("Test.py");
test.pythonString(); //python-function to execute

just replace "pythonString()" with your function (already did this).

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