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Laravel: Auth::user()->id tying to get a property of a non-object

I'm getting the following error "trying to get a property of a non-object" when I submit a form to add a user, the error is apparently on the first line: Auth::user()->id of the following:

$id = Auth::user()->id;
$currentuser = User::find($id);
$usergroup = $currentuser->user_group;
$group = Sentry::getGroupProvider()->findById($usergroup);

$generatedPassword = $this->_generatePassword(8,8);
$user = Sentry::register(array('email' => $input['email'], 'password' => $generatedPassword, 'user_group' => $usergroup));


Any ideas? I've searched for a while and everything I see says this should work fine. My user is logged in using the Sentry 2 authentication bundle.

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If you are using Sentry check the logged in user with Sentry::getUser()->id. The error you get is that the Auth::user() returns NULL and it tries to get id from NULL hence the error trying to get a property from a non-object.