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jQuery Question

Javascript date picker for displaying one week only?

I am looking for a Javascript-based date picker that would allow me to display one week only (instead of the current month).

Ideally it should be one that can be expanded to a full month view if necessary and back again.

Also, (css based?) design customizability would be a plus.

A jQuery solution would be preferred. I've had a brief look at the jQuery datepicker, but it seemed to me that it can only display full months. Please let me know if I am wrong.

Answer Source

The jQuery UI datepicker, as has been noted, can not easily be configured to display only one week. You can however use the maxDate and minDate configuration options to constrain the user's input. Here is an example of this functionality.

To answer your specific question, I am not aware of any datepicker control which will only display one week.

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