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How do I put my codeigniter project onto my host account (iPage)?

So, i'm a total noob with codeigniter but i'm getting by.

I have a domain name on iPage. Currently, I am using codeigniter w/ my codeigniter project inside htdocs which is inside XAMPP. Everything is working great on localhost, but I am totally lost on where to start concerning how to put my project onto my web hosts server.

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There is not much to it.

The following part, does not really belong here, but I guess I like to start from the beginning.

You need a domain name and hosting space(with a php server ofcourse). The hosting provider will provide you with ftp access and a control panel to access your files. You need to add nameservers to your domain name to associated it with your hosting space. will point to your hosted files. (This might take a couple of days to take effect).

To answer your question:

Now, you can simply upload the contents of your project to your home directory on the hosting server. You can organize it the way you want with subfolders etc. You'll also need to make server specific changes like mentioned here You might also need to check if any php libraries need to be enabled on your server.

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