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Fresh new session for rstudio-server

I am running rstudio-server on a virtualised (vmware-player) ubuntu machine, and processing lots of data into the ram. I find that after some inactivity that the session suspends the data. The problem is that it takes a VERY long time to resume this session and it is making both the host machine and virtual machine lag very badly.

I just want to kill the session and start a new fresh session of rstudio-server, but so far the only way I have found which does this is to

my ubuntu machine. Does anyone know a better solution?

As a side note, I think entering
as per here should fix the problem of the session suspending.

Answer Source

I found this page, which deals with resetting the rstudio-desktop version. In my home directory, I found the folder ~/.rstudio. I renamed/deleted this folder and this loads a new rstudio-server instance.

In fact, there is a folder called suspended session in the ~/.rstudio folder, which I suspect is the thing where suspended data is stored, so maybe deleting this folder is sufficient?

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