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AngularJS Question

ui cell template needs dynamic ng style

In angularjs ui grid, I have the cell template as shown below :

cellTemplate : "<div class="progress"> <div class="progress-bar progress-bar-info" ></div> </div>"

Now I need to dynamically change the color class for the cellTemplate i.e.,
. Based column value (complete, incomplete, in progress or fail) I need to have
progress-bar-success, progress-bar-info, progress-bar-warning, progress-bar-danger
in the cellTemplate. How can we achieve it?

I tried the following template but it is giving error:

cellTemplate: " <div class=\"progress margin-top-10\"> <div class=\"progress-bar\" ng-class=\"{progress-bar-success:{{row.entity.status}}==='complete', progress-bar-warning:{{row.entity.status}}==='incomplete', progress-bar-danger:{{row.entity.status}}==='fail'}\" ng-style=\"{width:'{{row.entity.val}}%'}\"></div> </div>",

And the error is as follows :

angular.js:13920 Error: [$parse:syntax] Syntax Error: Token '-' is unexpected, expecting [}] at column 10 of the expression [{progress-bar-success:complete==='complete', progress-bar-warning:complete==='incomplete', progress-bar-danger:complete==='fail'}] starting at [-bar-success:complete==='complete', progress-bar-warning:complete==='incomplete', progress-bar-danger:complete==='fail'}].

Answer Source

You can use ng-class ng-class="{class1 : expression1, class2 : expression2}"

In your case something like this

<div class="progress-bar"
     ng-class="{'progress-bar-success':row.entity.status==='complete', 'progress-bar-warning':row.entity.status==='incomplete', 'progress-bar-danger':row.entity.status==='fail'}">

Here is the plunker.

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