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I'm having trouble calculating the below average for a set of numbers

Hey I'm trying to find the total average of 3 marks but my structure isn't correct for lines 4 and 9.
So as I have 3 marks to add the v[0], v[1], v[2] represents all 3 marks. Can someone help me to find the average of these marks in line 4 and help with the structure in line 9?
I've tried moving things around but nothings working, therefore here's the code that I have so far.

def BelowAvgallReport(aDiary): line 1
sumofallMarks = 0 line 2
for aVal in aDiary.values(): line 4
sumofallMarks = sumofallMarks + aVal v[0] + v[1] + v[2] line 5
avg = sumofallMarks/len(aDiary) line 6

belowallAvgDiction = {} line 7
for k, v in aDiary.items(): line 8
if avg> (v[0] + v[1] + v[2]): line 9
belowallAvgDiction[k] = v line 10
return["Below Avg all Marks:", avg, belowallAvgDiction] line 11

Answer Source

It is apparent that your lines 7-11 have wrong indentation. Otherwise the variable aDiary will be undefined in line7. Also the syntax in line 5 is wrong and v undefined.

Below is the corrected code. You can use sum() instead of hard coded it.

def BelowAvgallReport(aDiary):                                  
    sumofallMarks = 0                                           
    for aVal in aDiary.values():                                
        sumofallMarks += sum(aVal[:3]) 
    avg = sumofallMarks/len(aDiary)                             

    belowallAvgDiction = {}                                     
    for k, v in aDiary.items():                                 
        if avg> sum(v[:3]):                           
            belowallAvgDiction[k] = v                           
    return["Below Avg all Marks:", avg, belowallAvgDiction]

The second part of your code (for calculation of belowallAvgDiction) can be even simpler:

belowallAvgDiction = dict((k,v) for k,v in aDiary.items() if avg> sum(v[:3]))
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