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jQuery Question

onHide() type event in jQuery

Does anyone know of an onHide() event or something similar in jQuery?

I tried:

$(this).bind('hide', function(){

But apparently that doesn't work.

Just to clarify, it's being hidden using CSS

I'm aware of the callback function but as I'm not hiding it (the CSS is) I can't use it.
For what it's worth, I need to check when a dropdown is visible. It's being shown by the following CSS:

ul li:hover ul {
display: block;

Answer Source

There is no "hide" event for any HTML element in the DOM. How are you "hiding" your elements? Are you using CSS to change the display or visibility?

If you're using display:none to hide an element, you can't detect when CSS changes. In IE, you can detect when a property changes but that doesn't extend to style values. You'll need to throw an event or do whatever the event is doing at the time the CSS display is changed.

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