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Pointer in function change the address but outside it point 0x0

i have a file function.c and main.c. In function.c there is this

int GetRow(int descriptor,char* src)
char app[1];
char* carattere= (char*)malloc(sizeof(char));
int count=0;
int capp=0;

carattere=(char*)realloc(carattere,sizeof(char)*(++count +1));
return -1;
#define DEBUG
#ifdef DEBUG
printf("The line Detected was %s %s\n",carattere,src);


And it work becouse when i use printf to see if the src point to the new address the return the same thing.
The problem born in main.c where i call GetRow

char* pointer;
int file=open("prova.conf",O_RDWR);

Becouse when i use printf itprint null.
Using gdb then the call to GetRow i understand that the pointer point 0x0, so please can anyone tell and explain my issue?? Thanks and excuse me for my english.

Answer Source

You still passing the char * src by value. If you want to change the value of the pointer you need to pass a reference to it. use char **src and set *src = carattere;

Just because you're passing a pointer doesn't mean you're necessarily passing by reference. If you malloc memory for src in main and then pass the reference to that memory (as you have the char * src) you can change the value at that reference by *src = *carattere but that's probably not what you want either.

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