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How to include new module in Joomla k2 item.php

I want to include one new module position inside the item.php of K2. Is it possible?

I want to add advertisement in that module (diff in different categories) .

This module should align left in the article and item image should align right in the article.

Please help me achieving this.

Thanks in Advance.

Answer Source

To load a module inside an article, simply give the module a custom position then add this code inside the article editor:

{loadposition xxx}

xxx = the custom position you gace the module.

If you are wondering how to give the module a custom position, then don't worry. Instead of click Joomla 1.5's dropdown or Joomla 2.5's button, click inside the input box and type your own position.

You can then align the module as you wish, like you would normal text.

Hope this helps.

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