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Linux Question

proper syntax for splitting large mp3 files into several

I can split one large mp3 file into several files based on silence using the mp3split command / program below

mp3splt -f -t 4.0 -a -d split audio_file.mp3

and I get


but how can I get


or increment by one in the front


I looked at the syntax http://wiki.librivox.org/index.php/How_To_Split_With_Mp3Splt but couldn't figure out what needs to change in my syntax.

I'm using ubuntu 16.04 64bit linux

Answer Source

You need to set the -o (output format) option.

Try something like:

mp3splt -o @N3_@f -f -t 4.0 -a -d split audio_file.mp3

Giving you:

001_audio_file.mp3, 002_audio_file.mp3, 003_audio_file.mp3…

The man page is a little messy, but it's all there.

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