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How can I save an RDD into HDFS and later read it back?

I have an RDD whose elements are of type (Long, String). For some reason, I want to save the whole RDD into the HDFS, and later also read that RDD back in a Spark program. Is it possible to do that? And if so, how?

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It is possible.

In RDD you have saveAsObjectFile and saveAsTextFile functions. Tuples are stored as (value1, value2), so you can later parse it.

Reading can be done with textFile function from SparkContext and then .map to eliminate ()

So: Version 1:

rdd.saveAsTextFile ("hdfs:///test1/");
// later, in other program
val newRdds = sparkContext.textFile("hdfs:///test1/part-*").map (x => {
    // here remove () and parse long / strings

Version 2:

rdd.saveAsObjectFile ("hdfs:///test1/");
// later, in other program - watch, you have tuples out of the box :)
val newRdds ="hdfs:///test1/part-*", classOf[Long], classOf[String])
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