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How long does Google Play Store take to update install count

I have an app on the Play Store. I recently completed 500 downloads of the app. The Google Play Developer Console is showing 525 installs as of 2 days ago (29th May):

Play Console Stats

So, the data is already 2 days old. But on the play store, it still shows

in the Installs section:

Play Store Stats

If it is already updated in the
Play Developer Console
, then it should be updated in the Play Store. So, my question is, how long does the play store take to update this stat?


It got updated. I guess I was just being impatient :)

Answer Source

The count of installs on your app page is rounded up (or for better understanding milestone based). As and when you reach thresholds the displayed count changes.

You have crossed 500 now so it shows 500. Your next milestone is 1000. Once you cross 1000 downloads the number on your app page on play store will show 1000 downloads. There after 5k, 10k, 50k, 100k, 500k, 1M and so on.

Also the updates take time and are not instantaneous. It may sometimes take over a week and sometimes just a day. Depends on when google's data processing jobs to update the statistics executes.

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