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C# Question

How can I add reference to DataGridViewAutoFilter?

I'm fairly inexperienced with windows system programming and now I'm continuing someones work but, before I can build the project I need to get rid of the warning:

The referenced component 'DataGridViewAutoFilter' could not be found.

I want to add a reference in Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express to DataGridViewAutoFilter

However its not in the .NET list when adding a reference. I know I can download it here but, I'm not sure what to do with it because its just in a zip file and not a dll or installable onto my system. I fixed all the other dependencies by installing some stuff, but don't what to do in this case.

Anyone know how to install DataGridViewAutoFilter? Thanks!

Answer Source

It turns out that the download link I provided is that of a c# project which will produce the DataGridViewAutoFilter.dll after building the sample code

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