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After updating Mvvm Light to Version 5, what changes do I need to make RelayCommand CanExecute() work?

I updated Mvvm Light to version 5 and noticed that

stopped working.

The problem seems to be that the
is not being called to validate. It only validates one time, like when the window is loaded.

Could this be a bug from the recent update or is there something I need to change in the XAML?

Everything was working correctly before the update. I'm working with WPF.

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See this MVVM Light 5 issue:

WPF is the only XAML framework that uses the CommandManager to automagically raise the CanExecuteChanged event on ICommands. I never liked that approach, because of the "magic" part, but this is a "feature" of WPF and of course I have to support it. No question here.

In V5, I moved to portable class library for all the newest versions of the XAML frameworks, including WPF4.5. Unfortunately, there is no CommandManager in PCL, and I have to admit that I didn't realize that at first sight. So of course now the automagical part doesn't work anymore. Again, so sorry about that.

I am not expecting you to raise CanExecuteChanged everywhere now, not after using the CommandManager in your application, which is what the WPF team intended. So I will try to find a way to restore the CommandManager usage in the WPF4.5 version of the toolkit.

Definitely not looking for excuses ;) but hope that explaining why the issue arose helps to make sense of this. It's going to be my priority No. 1 until I find a way to solve this in the PCL version. In the meantime, like I mentioned before, I think that going back to V4.4.32.7 should fix that. Please let me know if it does not.

So the temporary recommended solution is to revert back to the previous version. I did it and it worked.

I agree that the CommandManager is doing "magic". Once I had null reference exception within the CanExecute condition and as a result I have obtained neverending cycle of error messages like cards in Windows Solitaire. If I started a new project I would prefer not to use this "magic" but to change an existing and already deployed project would be quite painful.

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