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Get reference to a Particle System created in Scene Editor

I've created a particle system in the Scene Editor (not the particle Editor), and it's named "particles" (this is the default name).

Back in the ViewController, I'm attempting to get a reference to this particle system and change some properties of it.

But I can't figure out why this doesn't work:

let particleSystem = SCNParticleSystem(named: "particles", inDirectory: "")
particleSystem?.isAffectedByGravity = true

I know it's possible to set gravity on within the Scene Editor, but I'm simply using this as a test to see if the reference to the Particle System is working. It's not.

What am I missing or doing wrong?


As per Rickster's suggestion, trying this:

let particleSystems = scene.particleSystems
let myParticleSystem = particleSystems?[0]
myParticleSystem?.isAffectedByGravity = true

This has now this problem:

enter image description here

My thinking (faulty as it is) was that the array's 0 location would have the only particle system I have in this scene.

Answer Source

Here is a picture of the scene I got:

SCNParticleSystem instance assigned to SCNNOde

And the code to get a reference to the particle system assigned to the particles SCNNode instance:

 let particlesNode:SCNNode = scene.rootNode.childNodeWithName("particles", recursively: true)!
 let particleSystem:SCNParticleSystem = (particlesNode.particleSystems?.first)!
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