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PHP form redirect if get elseif else

I have a web form html where the customer select the report they want to print. Now I must get the value from the select menu and redirect the customer to the correct report page


<form action="print-report.php" name="print" method="get" target="_blank"> <select name="period">
<option value="daily" selected>Daily Report</option>
<option value="anual">Anual Report</option>
<option value="weekly">Weekly Report</option>
<option value="monthly">Montly Report</option>
<input type="submit" value="Print Report"></form>

Now the other page I must get the type of report the customer need and redirect like this but I do not know how...

if get daily redirect to daily.php
elseif get weekly redirect to weekly.php

How to do this ?

Answer Source

When you submit data using PHP through a form using the POST method, the form data will be passed via the $_POST array which is accessible by your PHP file. Since yours uses the GET method, the form data is passed via the $_GET array. The key for both arrays will be the name of your form element.

Hence, to obtain the value of the selected drop-down list, you can have something like this in your PHP code:

$SelectedValue = $_GET['period'];
if($SelectedValue == "daily")        { header("Location: daily.php"); }
else if($SelectedValue == "weekly")  { header("Location: weekly.php"); }
// add your other options and redirects here

Though it's worth noting that you might be interested in using a switch-case statement too:

    case "daily":  header("Location: daily.php");  break;
    case "weekly": header("Location: weekly.php"); break;
    // add your other options and redirects here
    default:       header("Location: error.php");  break;
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