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iOS Question

Xcode project, app name, best practice

What is the best way to specify the name of the app?

I'm aware of doing it in three different ways:

  1. Target -> Build Settings -> Product name

  2. Info.plist -> Bundle name

  3. Use localization -> InfoPlist.strings -> "CFBundleDisplayName" and

I think it is best to use the third option, but not totally sure. Please share your opinions and experience on what's best!

Answer Source

If the Project name is different to the app name I personally always change it via the Info.plist

Changing the Bundle Name allows the name of the app on the device to be what you want which is helpful when your project name is long but you want a short app name on the device

EDIT - Photo added for reference

You would just change the text in there :)

enter image description here

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