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How can you exclude items in responsive design? [Bootstrap]

the answer might have already be somewhere, but chances are, that I might have overlooked it since I'm a 100% new to this (coding) and understand basically half of what I read :)

I'm currently making a website in Bootstrap, and I would like to exclude some elements in responsive mode/design.

Can anyone please tell me how to do that? Is there a specific line of (html?) code that I have to put before the elements that I wish to hide on say view on a phone?

Google hasn't been very useful.

Help is very much appreciated!

Answer Source

Take a look at the utility classes of Bootstrap 3 in the documentation here:

Bootstrap includes utility classes to toggle content across viewport breakpoints. E.g. .hidden-lg, which when applied to a HTML element <div class="hidden-lg"></div>, hides the element on viewports bigger than 1200px (by default).

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