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ImageButton does not display a particular drawable

This is rather a funny problem I have ever come across,

I have a table layout with 9 image buttons, 3 per row. Every ImageButton has a different image associated with it. I have set the background of the image button to transparent (#00000000). Now here is where the funny stuff happens, One of the images doesn't show up on the emulator (Gingerbread) as well as a device running Froyo. The layout editor shows all the images in place.

Here are some more stuff:

  1. I used a
    instead of a
    , the same issue persists.

  2. I changed the position of the image (used it on different buttons) and still it doesn't show up.

  3. When I use a different image they show up, but when I use this particular image it won't.

  4. All images have the same resolution (90x72) and density (72ppi)

  5. All the images are in the the

Any pointers?

Turned out to be a bug and this issue has been resolved. Please check this link.

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Do you still have the problem. I had a similar bug - a particular drawable was not being displayed, no matter in what ImageView.
Is it the case that your image is the first (alphabetically) in the drawable folder? For some strange reason there is a problem with the first drawable, i "solved" my problem by adding a dummy drawable in first place. Still I'm very curious where the actual problem is.

Hope that helps! And I'm looking forward for any further explanations :)

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