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How do you programmatically update query params in react-router?

Stackoverflow helpful hint says the question I'm asking appears subjective and is likely to be closed. I'm not sure why. I can't seem to find how to update query params with react-router without using

. hashHistory.push(url) doesn't seem to register query params, and it doesn't seem like you can pass a query object or anything as a second argument.

How do you change the url from '/shop/Clothes/dresses' to '/shop/Clothes/dresses?color=blue' in react-router without using

And is an onChange function really the only way to listen for query changes? Why aren't query changes automatically detected and reacted-to the way that param changes are?

Answer Source

Within the push method of hashHistory, you can specify your query parameters. For instance,

  pathname: '/dresses',
  search: '?color=blue'



You can check out this repository for additional examples on using history