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Google maps JavaScript API doesn't use latest imagery

The current version of the Google maps JS Api uses different satellite imagery than google maps itself. I couldn't find any documentation related to this discrepancy, and would love to know if there is a way to force the api to use the actual most up to date imagery (which it claims to do by default).

// Example:

Here's an example of the JS API not matching up with Google maps

The google earth and google maps "satellite" imagery are different. The google earth imagery is newer, and most modern browsers now show the google earth imagery on the which is why there is a notable discrepancy.

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As far as i know, you have access to the same tiles. Technically, they could censor your tiles or perform transformations. But i'm not sure i have ever encountered those discrepancies you are mentioning.

Both your links show the exact same satellite view (HYBRID or SATELLITE).

On a side not, Google Earth uses different tiles and projections.

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