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Objective-C Question

iOS7 Keyboard Return/Done/Search tint colour

With the new iOS7 UIView tint color it becomes pretty easy to theme an entire app quickly. It even changes the color of the text caret when editing UITextFields.

However, the keyboard's bottom right 'dismiss' button (can be Done, Search, etc) is always blue. Is there any way to change this? It would look really nice if it matched the tint color of the rest of the app.

iOS7 UISearchBar keyboard

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With a little hack maybe you can achieve the effect you are looking for. But it might not be able to pass the app review.

-(NSArray*)subviewsOfView:(UIView*)view withType:(NSString*)type{
    NSString *prefix = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"<%@",type];
    NSMutableArray *subviewArray = [NSMutableArray array];
    for (UIView *subview in view.subviews) {
        NSArray *tempArray = [self subviewsOfView:subview withType:type];
        for (UIView *view in tempArray) {
            [subviewArray addObject:view];
    if ([[view description]hasPrefix:prefix]) {
        [subviewArray addObject:view];
    return [NSArray arrayWithArray:subviewArray];

    for (UIWindow *keyboardWindow in [[UIApplication sharedApplication] windows]) {
        for (UIView *keyboard in [keyboardWindow subviews]) {
            for (UIView *view in [self subviewsOfView:keyboard withType:@"UIKBKeyplaneView"]) {
                UIView *newView = [[UIView alloc] initWithFrame:[(UIView *)[[self subviewsOfView:keyboard withType:@"UIKBKeyView"] lastObject] frame]];
                newView.frame = CGRectMake(newView.frame.origin.x + 2, newView.frame.origin.y + 1, newView.frame.size.width - 4, newView.frame.size.height -3);
                [newView setBackgroundColor:[UIColor greenColor]];
                newView.layer.cornerRadius = 4;
                [view insertSubview:newView belowSubview:((UIView *)[[self subviewsOfView:keyboard withType:@"UIKBKeyView"] lastObject])];


The app I used to decode the view hierarchy was : http://revealapp.com/

The end result is like this: Green Key

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