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Python Question

Changing the axis scale in numpy plot

I am drawing a plot based on a numpy array:

A = np.array([[4,5,6],[2,3,6]])

with plt.plot(A) it works fine and draws based on 6 tuples: (0,4), (1,5), (2,6), (0,2) etc.

I want to scale the x-axis though. The units should be divided by 120. So I want to plot:

(0,4), (1/120,5), (2/120, 6), etc.

Is there any easy way to do it, without looping through the array and manually feeding the tuples to the plot?

Answer Source

Specify the x axis

scaling_factor = 120.
x = np.arange(A.shape[0])/scaling_factor
plt.plot(x, A)
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