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Scala Question

Does Scala provide an idiomatic way to partially match strings other than regular expressions?

This bit of code implements a mini string matching language - which understands two symbols (?=match any char, *=match one or more char). This code seems to work just fine, but it seems a little bit inelegant.

object Re {
def check(search: String, input: String):Boolean = {
search match {
case `input` => true
case x if x.startsWith("?") =>
check(x.stripPrefix("?"), input.tail)
case x if x.startsWith("*") => input match {
case "" => false
case i => check(x.stripPrefix("*"), i.tail) | check(x, i.tail)
case _ => false

Specifically, I dislike the cases where I say x if x.startswith(something) and then have to strip that something.

Does scala have a more idiomatic way to do this? Something along the lines of how the Seq matcher works so that I don't need startsWith or stripPrefix.


No to my best knowledge. So i would rather stick to sequences pattern matching:

  def check(search: String, input: String): Boolean = check(search.toList, input.toList)

  def check(search: List[Char], input: List[Char]): Boolean = {
    search match {
      case _ if search == `input` => true
      case '?' :: tail => check(tail, input.tail)
      case '*' :: tail => if (input.isEmpty) false else check(tail, input.tail) | check(search, input.tail)
      case _ => false

It might be not so elegant solution as in @0__ answer but in case this function is going to change in the future IMO it would be better to have capabilities of sequence pattern matching.

Hope it helps!