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How to temporarily replace a NuGet reference with a local build

I'm working on a C# project using Visual Studio 2015, with NuGet for package management. For one reference, I'd like to temporarily use a local build while I'm iterating on a fix, rather than the released version. What's the best way to accomplish this?

If I were using an SVN external, I'd drop the new locally built copies into the external reference's folder, and be set. Other package management software (like CocoaPods) would allow me to point to a local directory to resolve the reference. With NuGet, it doesn't look like there's any mechanism for this.

When I try dropping my new DLL over the package reference inside the

folder, I get inconsistent behavior in Visual Studio. My build will fail with hundreds of errors, most of which go away from the Error List quickly. I'm ultimately left with a warning telling me it could not resolve the reference to the assembly I'm trying to replace (though the properties of the reference do indicate it's finding my new version).

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You can create your own Nuget feed (simple local folder + some configurations)

Read more here Hosting Your Own NuGet Feeds

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