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Wordpress custom REST API

I have been working on a Wordpress plugin and I come from a background where I usually write my own REST endpoints (Rails etc). My question is, how do I from a WP plugin create rest url endpoints?


/myplugin/save-tutorial (POST takes JSON and returns JSON)
/myplugin/get-tutorial?id= (GET returns JSON)

How do I create such REST endpoints? I have looked at admin-ajax.php and that seems about right, but still pretty messy. It seems like a simple problem though. I want to process the responses in my-plugin.php.

Thanks in advance!

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You should use add_rewrite_endpoint() for this purposes. This function creates extra rewrite rules for each of the matching places specified by the provided bitmask. For example: add_rewrite_endpoint( 'json', EP_PERMALINK | EP_PAGES );

will add a new rewrite rule ending with json(/(.*))?/?$ for every permastruct that describes a permalink (post) or page. This is rewritten to json=$match where $match is the part of the URL matched by the endpoint regex (e.g. foo in <permalink>/json/foo/).

You can also read this guide

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