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How to specify radius units in addCircleMarkers() when using Leaflet in R

I'm trying to visualize a shipment from origin to destination using a leaflet map created with R within a shiny application.

I want to add a circle marker of a radius corresponding to a the odist and ddist variables which come form a reactive dataframe called main()

below is a relevant snapshot with accompanying code:


output$leaflet1 <- renderLeaflet({
leaflet() %>%
addCircleMarkers(data = main(), lng = main()$Olong, lat = main()$Olat, color = 'black', fillColor = coyGreen,
radius = main()$odist, opacity = .5) %>%
addCircleMarkers(data = main(), lng = main()$Dlong, lat = main()$Dlat, color = 'black', fillColor = coyGreen,
radius = main()$ddist, opacity = .3)

For the above example the argument
radius = main()$odist
is equivalent to
radius = 50
. However, the 50 units seem to be arbitrary (the cirlce is smaller than the larger one with
radius = main()$ddist = 125
however both circles enlarge and shrink as I zoom in and out). I would like to be able to set the radius of my circle marker to be a fixed radius in miles, however I haven't been able to figure out how to do so. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Answer Source

If you use addCircles instead of addCircleMarkers your circles will have constant radius (in meters). Here's a reproducible example using mapview which uses addCircleMarkers. On top we plot the same locations using addCircles


m <- mapview(breweries91) # uses addCirclemarkers so circle radius changes with zoom

m@map %>% 
  addCircles(data = breweries91, color = "red", radius = 100) # circle radius constant

If you zoom in you will see that the initially smaller red circles will become bigger in relation to the standard blue circlemarkers used in mapview

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