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jQuery caches elements selected?

So I'm using this code to:

$('.something').on('click', function () {

And for some reason, if I modify the data-id using the inspector, jQuery still sees the id that was there in the beginning. However, I tried the same thing using JS and it does see the changes. This makes me wondering if jQuery caches in some way the elements selected and uses them instead of the actual DOM.

Can someone please explain what happens and how jQuery does the event binding in the background?

Later edit: I want to specify that I'm talking about the "data-" attribute that I put in the HTML, not about the '.data()' provided by jQuery. Not sure if it's the same thing.

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jQuery caches elements selected?

No. But the data managed by data is stored in an object cache maintained by jQuery, keyed by a unique identifier jQuery adds to the element (so it can look up the data). data is only initialized from data-* attributes, it is not an accessor for them. It's both more and less than that.

If you're interested, you can see that as an "expando" property on the element instance, it'll start with "jquery" and have a long number attached to it (currently; it's undocumented — for good reason — so this may change):

var foo = $("#foo");
console.log("info")); // hi there
console.log("Expando name: " + Object.getOwnPropertyNames(foo[0]).find(name => name.startsWith("jQuery")));
<div id="foo" data-info="hi there"></div>
<script src=""></script>

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