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CSS equivalent for Text Tint

I'm trying to export files from Adobe InDesign to basic HTML + CSS.

A user can select some text and change the text colour. Using the InDesign SDK I can fetch the RGB values for that colour and in the CSS file declare

color: rgb(R,G,B)
which works perfectly fine.

You can also change the text tint value. Upto now I was just taking the tint value, converting it to the range 0-1 and in the CSS putting an entry as
color: rgba(R,G,B,Tint)

During testing I realized that tint = 0 should actually mean white text, but it didn't show on the HTML because A (in RGBA) = 0 means transparent!!!

Anyone knows how to handle tint values in CSS?

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There is no tint, hue,saturation or brightness in CSS. You should "build" these properties into your RGB color. To apply tint on your RGB, use this expression:

when R,G,B are from 0..255, tint from 0..1

new R = tint*R + (1-tint)*255;
new G = tint*G + (1-tint)*255;
new B = tint*B + (1-tint)*255;

Tint is the convex combination of your color and white color. See Wikipedia.