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TypeScript Question

Using TypeScript, and Object.assign gives me an error "property 'assign' does not exist on type 'ObjectConstructor'"

I am writing my question again because earlier it made little sense and I wasn't very clear.

I am receiving data from API that looks something like this:


So, in my code, I have a
variable, and a method called

I am using infinite scroll so when I reach the bottom of the page, I call

photos: any;

getPhotos() {
photos => = photos
// here, instead of doing this, I want to add the array of photos I get back to using Object.assign however it is giving me the said error

So if the next time I call it, I get back
, then I am trying to set
to be

{"photos":[{"id":1,"title":"photo_1_title"}, {"id":2,"title":"photo_2_title"}]}

Answer Source

Object.assign is an ECMAScript2015 feature and does not exist in ECMAScript5 and lower.

You're most likely targeting to compile your Typescript for ECMAScript5 and therefor the Object interface does not have assign defined.

You can either target ECMAScript2015 by changing your TS compiler configuration with

target: 'es6'

or you can extend the ObjectConstructor interface with the method assign

declare interface ObjectConstructor {
    assign(...objects: Object[]): Object;

(you can add this declaration anywhere, redeclaring an interface extends it instead of overwriting it)

Or you can coerce Object to any and ignore its typing:

(<any>Object).assign(, photos )

Whichever you choose, keep in mind that if you want this to run on older browsers you need to add a polyfill. Most modern browsers are fairly close to implementing the ES2015 feature set, but they're not 100% there, meaning that some parts of your code will still fail if you rely completely on ES2015 functionality.

Typescript will not polyfill Object.assign when targetting ES5 or older, that is why you are getting this error. On the other hand, Babel does have polyfills in the form of plugins, which would mean you need to incorporate Babel transpilation into your build pipeline, see:

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