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Find and replace content within string (C#)

The below string is coming from a DIV tag. So I have enclosed the value below.

String cLocation = "'target="_blank'></a><img alt='testimage.jpg' src='/SPECIMAGE/testimage.jpg'"

I would like to replace in the above string by changing

I have tried the typical
but it didn't work.

I tried the below,

cNewLocation ="xyz/files";
cNewString = cLocation.Replce("src='/'", "src='" + cNewLocation + "'/")

It didn't work.

Please suggest.

Answer Source

If I'm understanding what you're asking, you could use Regex to replace the string like so:

var cNewString = Regex.Replace(cLocation, @"src='/.*/", "src='" + newLocation + "/");

EDIT : I modified the regular expression to replace src='/.../ with src='{newLocation}/

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