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YoutubeThumbnailLoader taking too long to show a thumbnail?

Relevant code:

YouTubeThumbnailView first_video = (YouTubeThumbnailView) findViewById(;

first_video.initialize(Config.YOUTUBE_API, new YouTubeThumbnailView.OnInitializedListener() {
public void onInitializationSuccess(YouTubeThumbnailView youTubeThumbnailView, YouTubeThumbnailLoader youTubeThumbnailLoader) {
final String video = getResources().getString(R.string.principal_funcoes);


The time it takes for the method 'youTubeThumbnailLoader.setVideo(String s)" to work is absurd.
It takes 30+ seconds for a thumbnail to show up, with full cabled connection (100mbps).

It's definitely impossible for a user to wait more than 2 seconds for the thumbnail to show up, and have a completely blank screen while he waits for that to happen.

What can I do to load the video thumbnail any faster, or at least make YouTubeThumbnailView show a loading image while it fetches the thumbnail?

Answer Source

You can use direct youtube api urls for getting youtube thumbnails and they are way to faster too. here are urls you can try.

Start:-- It is only give you default size thumbnails.<insert-youtube-video-id-here>/default.jpg

For the high quality version of the thumbnail use a url similar to this:<insert-youtube-video-id-here>/hqdefault.jpg

There is also a medium quality version of the thumbnail, using a url similar to the HQ:<insert-youtube-video-id-here>/mqdefault.jpg

For the standard definition version of the thumbnail, use a url similar to this:<insert-youtube-video-id-here>/sddefault.jpg

For the maximum resolution version of the thumbnail use a url similar to this:<insert-youtube-video-id-here>/maxresdefault.jpg

It helps me to develop youtube application, Hope it also help you.

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