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C# Question

Querying xml child elements with prefixed namespace using LINQ to XML

So I have some XML that generally looks like this

<wd:Data xmlns:wd="">

The namespace is prefixed with "wd"

I'd like to be able to take each of the elements within
and create a new
KeyValuePair<string, string>
where the key is the element name and the value is the value of the element like so:

{"field1", "lorem"}
{"field2", "ipsum"}
{"field3", "dolor"}
{"field4", "sit"}

My struggle is with the namespace prefix. I am very much a novice with LINQ but I have always been able to get something like this to work with code like this:

var data = XElement.Parse(theXml);
XNamespace ns = "";
var result = data.Elements(ns + "Result")
.Select(x => new KeyValuePair<string, string>(x.Name.LocalName, x.Value))

How should I query this data to to produce the desired result?

I'm not married to LINQ so whatever the community feels is best will be fine with me.


It turns out that I needed to combine Descendants() with Elements()

The following code acheived exactly what I was after:

    var data = XElement.Parse(theXml);  
    XNamespace ns = "";  
    var result = data.Descendants(ns + "Result")
                     .Select(x => new KeyValuePair<string, string>(x.Name.LocalName, x.Value))