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Solution doesnt run/build/rebuild in Visual Studio

When trying to run Build / Rebuild in Visual Studio on a solution, nothing happens.

I can run the build from the command prompt using MSbuild.exe, and this gives me the output i would expect (Build succeeded) - But when trying to run it from visual studio, nothing happens. Theres no debug output or build output either.

The project is a MVC project, with some references to other projects.

I can create a new MVC project, and it runs just fine!

Any idea what might trigger this behavior?

Using Visual Studio 2015.

I Have tried the following:

  • Restarting VS

  • Comparing the solution file to a new solution file

  • Triggering build manually from MSBuild (OK)

  • Switching Debug / Release configuration

  • Building projects individually

  • Updated NuGet

  • Build Configuration is OK (Everything checked for Build)

That beeing said, the solution is inside a git repository, and the other person working on this project has entered at a later stage with Visual Studio 2013 - But i dont know if this has anything to do with the issue.

Answer Source

So what seemed to happen was that there was some kind of dependency on a separate git repository (bootstrap), in our private repo that i hadnt been getting access too - so instead of giving me an error about it it just silently failed. Adding access to the repository to my account, suddenly made the project run again.

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