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Swift countElements() return incorrect value when count flag emoji

let str1 = "

Answer Source

From "3 Grapheme Cluster Boundaries" in the "Standard Annex #29 UNICODE TEXT SEGMENTATION": (emphasis added):

A legacy grapheme cluster is defined as a base (such as A or カ) followed by zero or more continuing characters. One way to think of this is as a sequence of characters that form a “stack”.

The base can be single characters, or be any sequence of Hangul Jamo characters that form a Hangul Syllable, as defined by D133 in The Unicode Standard, or be any sequence of Regional_Indicator (RI) characters. The RI characters are used in pairs to denote Emoji national flag symbols corresponding to ISO country codes. Sequences of more than two RI characters should be separated by other characters, such as U+200B ZWSP.

(Thanks to @rintaro for the link).

A Swift Character represents an extended grapheme cluster, so it is (according to this reference) correct that any sequence of regional indicator symbols is counted as a single character.

You can separate the "flags" by a ZERO WIDTH SPACE:

let str1 = "
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