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Why would my array on my MVC Controller be null on Ajax Postback

Here is my array:

{latlng: [{lat: 41.9841092242239, lng: -87.6459866168}, {lat: 41.948650308164744, lng: -87.64431828280067}, {lat: 41.94833112697515, lng: -87.644017875391}]

Here is my javascript code:

var postedData = JSON.stringify({
latlng: boundaries

alert("here are your boundaries so far : " + postedData);

url: '/Communities/UpdateBoundaries',
type: "POST",
traditional: true,
contentType: "application/json",
data: postedData,
datatype: "json",
success: function () {

and here is my controller: where boundaries is my incoming array of latlng, but it is coming in null.

public ActionResult UpdateBoundaries(List<latLng> boundaries)
return View();

Answer Source


var postedData = JSON.stringify({latlng: boundaries});


var postedData = JSON.stringify(boundaries);

This is because the action parameter is an array. If it were a type that contained an array property with property name latlng then you pass it in the same manner you did in your existing code.

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