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AngularJS Question

Sweet alert dialog with spinner in AngularJs

I am trying to display a spinner in a

sweet alert
dialog something close to Bootstrap modal dialog (

The closest i could come up with is something like this :

title: '<small>Import errors occurred !</small>',
text: '<i class="fa fa-spinner" aria-hidden="true"></i>',
html: true,
customClass: 'manual-upload-errors-swal-width'

If this is not possible whats the closest and best solution ?

Answer Source

The original sweet alert plugin is unsupported, I suggest you using SweetAlert2 plugin.

Migration is simple, here's the migration guide: Migration from SweetAlert to SweetAlert2

In SweetAlert2 there's swal.showLoading(), so you can show loading modal as easy as:

swal('Please wait')
<script src=""></script>
<link href="" rel="stylesheet"/>

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