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Python Question

How to get BOTH COLLIDE sprite objects in pygame

How to get both collide object in pygame

As i say

allSprite = pygame.sprite.Group()
Bullets = pygame.sprite.Group()
Enemies = pygame.sprite.Group()

bullet = Bullet()
enemy = Enemy()

hits = pygame.sprite.collide(Enimies,Bullets)
for hit in hits:

It only get Enemy object but i want both objects cause i need bullet damage too.if there is another way?

And thank you.

Answer Source

You can use the groupcollide function for this:

You will get back a dictionary of Enemies (keys) and for each Enemy, a list of the Bullets that hit it (values). Then you can do something like this:

hits = pygame.sprite.groupcollide(Enemies, Bullets, False, True)
for enemy in hits:
    for bullet in hits[enemy]:
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