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JSON Question

How to take a list of Objects and create a JSON of specific properties of the objects in the list?

I have a list that looks like this:

[ Person({ getName: Function, id: '310394', age: 30 }), Person({ getName: Function, id: '244454', age: 31 })...]

and now I want to make it like this:

peopleIds: [

I did something like this:

public makePeopleIdJSON(list: Person[]):void {
list.forEach(x => console.log(x.id))

that just prints the id for each object in the list, but how do I make the output a json as requested above..?

thanks allot

Answer Source

Here it is :

interface Person{
    id: string;
function makePeopleIdJSON(list: Person[]) {
    return {
        personIds: list.map(x => x.id)
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