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C# Question

How to correctly apply a resource to the text of a button?

I've been following the tutorials on msdn and for some reason the application can not find my resource.

Been reading this:


And In my application ive done this:

enter image description here

in the WebResource.resx ive done this:
enter image description here

Code in the webform:

<form runat="server">

<asp:Button runat="server" Text="<%$Resource:WebResource,TimerButton %>" />


but sadly my browser says:

"The resource object with key 'TimerButton' was not found."

It feels like ive read the documentation 100 times but i can not see what im missing.

Answer Source

Well i finaly found the soloution... I named my folder " App_GlobalResources folder" instead of "App_GlobalResources"... my mistake will hopefully be some1 elses salvation.

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