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Node.js SSH Tunneling to MongoDB using Mongoose

I have two Mongo DBs. One for my dev environment, one for production as seen here from my Robomongo setup:

Two Mongo DBs

The production db is SSH tunneled to my Digital Ocean virtual server as seen here (specifics have been changed obviously). This setup works fine when connecting to/from my production website:

SSH Tunnel Settings

I am now working on a different/related project and need to connect my local machine to my production DB, so I assumed I'd need to use something like tunnel-ssh to get it done. I've followed this answer as an example, but I'm either getting

Error: (SSH) Channel open failure: open failed
OR it's connecting to my Dev db (when I use 27017 as my dstHost/dstPort/localPort). I must be thinking about this wrong or I'm being dumb with my configuration. I am admittedly a total Mongo/Mongoose novice, so both are equally possible. Any advice?

var fs = require("fs");
var mongoose = require('mongoose');
var tunnel = require('tunnel-ssh');

//===== db connection =====

var config = {
agent : process.env.SSH_AUTH_SOCK,
localPort: 27000

var server = tunnel(config, function (error, server) {
console.log("SSH connection error: " + error);

var db = mongoose.connection;
db.on('error', console.error.bind(console, 'DB connection error:'));
db.once('open', function() {
// we're connected!
console.log("DB connection successful");
// console.log(server);

Thanks in advance!

Answer Source

dstHost needs to be a hostname/IP, not a MongoDB connection string. In this particular case, you can actually omit dstHost, localHost, and localPort in this particular case because they already default to the values you're providing.