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Getting "Repositroy test has failed" error while cloning repository from Gitlab in Android Studio?

I will like to clone my android code from gitlab repository in Android Studio 0.8.1.I checked into VCS >> Checked out from Version Control >> Git >> Added HTTP url here.It prompts me that "Repositroy test has failed".Kindly help me to sort out the issue.I have checked the plugins as well.Thanks a lot.

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You need to download and install git from http://git-scm.com/downloads

Then you need to track the git.exe on AndroidStudio:

  • Go to Settings > Project Settings > Version Control > VCSs > Git > Path to Git executable

  • Select (or type) executable path, eg: D:\Program Files (x86)\Git\cmd\git.exe

If you installed GitHub Desktop for Windows

In case you have GitHub Desktop for Windows, git.exe will be found at C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Local\GitHub\PortableGit_c7e0cbde92ba565zz218z5214zzz0e854zzza28\cmd.

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