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Error sorting nulls first MSSQL

My goal is to enlist all the elements from the table

and I'm adding a type
to the list with the value 'Enlistar todas las rutas', So I want that the
value to be the first option of the result and sort the rest values in ascending.

I'm using MSSQL SERVER but when i'm trying to run this query:

select CATrut_iIdentificador, CATrut_vDescripcion
from cat.CAT_Rutas
SELECT NULL , 'Enlistar todas las rutas'
order by CATrut_vDescripcion ASC NULLS FIRST

The problem is when i'm trying to add the null value to the top. Receiving the error:

Incorrect syntax near 'NULLS'.

Answer Source

Here is another option which is simply adding a new column for sorting.

select CATrut_iIdentificador, CATrut_vDescripcion, 1 as SortOrder
from cat.CAT_Rutas 
SELECT NULL , 'Enlistar todas las rutas', 0 as SortOrder
order by SortOrder, CATrut_vDescripcion